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Printable Nonprofit Board Meeting Minutes Template Printable Templates
Printable Nonprofit Board Meeting Minutes Template Printable Templates from

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose of Meeting Minutes
  3. Format of Meeting Minutes
  4. Essential Elements
  5. Sample Template
  6. Tips for Taking Meeting Minutes
  7. Review and Approval
  8. Downloadable Template
  9. Conclusion


Non-profit organizations often hold board meetings to discuss important matters and make decisions that affect the organization’s operations. These meetings are documented through meeting minutes, which serve as a formal record of the discussions, decisions, and actions taken during the meeting. Having a standardized template for board meeting minutes can help ensure consistency and clarity in recording these important details.

Purpose of Meeting Minutes

The primary purpose of meeting minutes is to provide an accurate and comprehensive record of the board meeting. Minutes serve as a reference for board members who were present at the meeting and as a source of information for those who were unable to attend. They also provide a historical record of the organization’s decision-making processes, which can be useful for future reference or legal purposes.

Format of Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes should follow a consistent format to ensure clarity and ease of reference. The format typically includes the following elements:

1. Meeting Details

The meeting details section includes the date, time, and location of the meeting. It also lists the names of the board members present and absent, as well as any guests or observers.

2. Call to Order

This section signifies the official start of the meeting. It includes a statement indicating that the meeting was called to order and by whom.

3. Approval of Previous Minutes

In this section, the minutes from the previous meeting are reviewed and approved. Any corrections or amendments to the previous minutes should be noted.

4. Agenda Items

The agenda items section outlines the topics discussed during the meeting. Each item should be clearly labeled and accompanied by a summary of the discussions, decisions, and actions taken.

5. Other Business

This section includes any additional matters that were discussed during the meeting but were not included in the agenda. It may also cover any announcements or updates relevant to the organization.

6. Adjournment

The adjournment section indicates the formal end of the meeting. It includes a statement indicating the time the meeting was adjourned and by whom.

Essential Elements

In addition to the format, there are certain essential elements that should be included in meeting minutes:

1. Date and Time Stamp

Every entry in the meeting minutes should be accompanied by a date and time stamp to provide a clear timeline of the discussions and decisions.

2. Attendance

The names of all attendees, including board members, guests, and observers, should be recorded to acknowledge their presence at the meeting.

3. Motions and Resolutions

Any motions or resolutions made during the meeting should be accurately documented, including the name of the person who made the motion and the outcome of the vote.

4. Action Items

Action items are tasks or responsibilities assigned to individuals as a result of the meeting. These should be clearly outlined, including the person responsible and the deadline for completion.

5. Next Meeting Date

The date and time of the next board meeting should be recorded to ensure all attendees are aware of the upcoming meeting.

Sample Template

Below is a sample template for non-profit board meeting minutes:

Meeting Details:

– Date: [Date] – Time: [Time] – Location: [Location]

Call to Order:

– The meeting was called to order at [Time] by [Name].

Approval of Previous Minutes:

– The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved with [corrections/amendments] (or without any corrections/amendments).

Agenda Items:

– [Topic 1]: – Summary of discussions, decisions, and actions taken. – [Topic 2]: – Summary of discussions, decisions, and actions taken.

Other Business:

– [Additional matters discussed, announcements, or updates]


– The meeting was adjourned at [Time] by [Name].

Tips for Taking Meeting Minutes

Taking accurate and effective meeting minutes can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you in the process: 1. Prepare in advance: Familiarize yourself with the agenda and any relevant materials before the meeting to ensure you capture all the necessary information. 2. Use shorthand or abbreviations: Develop a system of shorthand or abbreviations to help you take notes quickly and efficiently during the meeting. 3. Focus on key points: Rather than attempting to transcribe every word, focus on capturing the key points, decisions, and actions taken during the meeting. 4. Be objective: Maintain an objective and neutral tone in your minutes, focusing on the facts and avoiding personal opinions. 5. Review and edit: After the meeting, review your notes and make any necessary edits for clarity and accuracy before finalizing the minutes.

Review and Approval

Once you have drafted the meeting minutes, it is important to review them for accuracy and clarity. Share the minutes with the board members for their review and address any corrections or amendments. Once everyone is satisfied with the content, the minutes should be formally approved during the next board meeting.

Downloadable Template

To make it easier for you to create your own non-profit board meeting minutes, we have provided a downloadable template. You can customize this template to fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements.


Having a standardized non-profit board meeting minutes template can significantly simplify the process of recording and documenting important discussions and decisions. By following a consistent format and including essential elements, you can create accurate and comprehensive meeting minutes that serve as valuable references for your organization.

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