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Planning and organizing a Cub Scout Den meeting can be a challenging task, especially for den leaders who are new to the role. However, having a structured agenda can greatly simplify the process and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. In this article, we will provide you with a Cub Scout Den Meeting Agenda Template that you can use for your den meetings in 2023.

Item 1: Opening Ceremony (10 minutes)

The meeting should start with an opening ceremony that includes the Pledge of Allegiance, the Cub Scout Promise, and the Law of the Pack. This helps set the tone for the meeting and reminds the scouts of the values they should uphold.

Item 2: Roll Call and Attendance (5 minutes)

Take attendance and ensure that all the scouts are present. This is also a good time to collect any necessary paperwork or forms from the scouts or their parents.

Item 3: Previous Meeting Review (10 minutes)

Recap the previous meeting’s activities and discuss any unfinished business or upcoming events. This allows the scouts to stay informed and engaged in their den’s activities.

Item 4: Theme-Related Activity (20 minutes)

Each den meeting should have a theme, such as camping, citizenship, or science. Plan a fun and educational activity that aligns with the theme to keep the scouts interested and excited.

Item 5: Advancement Opportunities (15 minutes)

Review the requirements for any badges, belt loops, or pins that the scouts can work on. Provide them with the necessary resources and guidance to complete these requirements.

Item 6: Snack Break (10 minutes)

Allow the scouts to have a short break and provide them with a healthy snack. This gives them an opportunity to refuel and socialize with their fellow den members.

Item 7: Game or Physical Activity (15 minutes)

Engage the scouts in a game or physical activity that promotes teamwork, fitness, and fun. This helps them release their energy and develop important skills.

Item 8: Den Business (10 minutes)

Discuss any upcoming events, fundraisers, or administrative matters that the den needs to address. This is also a good time to get feedback and suggestions from the scouts.

Item 9: Closing Ceremony (5 minutes)

End the meeting with a closing ceremony that includes a reflection on the day’s activities, a closing thought, and the Cub Scout Motto. This helps wrap up the meeting on a positive note.

Item 10: Parent Pick-Up and Cleanup (10 minutes)

Ensure that all scouts are safely picked up by their parents or guardians. Assign tasks for cleanup and make sure the meeting space is left clean and organized.

By following this Cub Scout Den Meeting Agenda Template, you can ensure that your den meetings are well-structured, productive, and enjoyable for the scouts. Feel free to customize the agenda to suit the specific needs and interests of your den. Happy scouting!

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