Cognos Report Design Document Template

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Cognos Report Design Document Template
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Cognos Report Design Document Template

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A Cognos Report Design Document Template is a valuable resource that helps streamline the report design process in Cognos, a popular business intelligence tool. This template provides a structured approach for designing and documenting reports, ensuring consistency and efficiency across report development projects.

The template includes various sections that cover essential aspects of report design, such as data sources, report elements, formatting, testing, deployment, and maintenance. By following this template, report designers can create well-organized and professional reports that meet the requirements of stakeholders.


The Cognos Report Design Document Template is divided into several sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of report design. These sections include:

  • Data Sources
  • Report Elements
  • Formatting
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Data Sources

The Data Sources section of the template outlines the sources of data for the report. It includes information about the database tables, queries, or data files that will be used to retrieve the required data. This section also includes details about any data transformations or calculations that need to be applied before presenting the data in the report.

Report Elements

The Report Elements section focuses on the visual components of the report, such as tables, charts, and graphs. It provides guidance on how to structure and organize these elements to effectively present the data. This section also includes instructions on adding filters, aggregations, and calculations to enhance the report’s functionality.


The Formatting section covers the aesthetic aspects of the report design. It includes instructions on applying consistent fonts, colors, and styles throughout the report. This section also guides the report designer on how to create headers, footers, and page numbering for a professional and polished look.


The Testing section emphasizes the importance of thoroughly testing the report before finalizing it. It provides a checklist of test scenarios to ensure the accuracy of data, functionality of report elements, and overall user experience. This section also includes instructions on documenting and resolving any issues or bugs identified during the testing phase.


The Deployment section outlines the steps required to deploy the report to the intended audience. It includes instructions on configuring access permissions, scheduling report generation, and distributing the report to stakeholders. This section also covers considerations for different deployment environments, such as web-based or client-based access.


The Maintenance section focuses on the ongoing support and maintenance of the report. It includes guidelines on monitoring report performance, troubleshooting issues, and addressing user feedback. This section also highlights the importance of keeping the report up to date with any changes in data sources or business requirements.


The Cognos Report Design Document Template is a valuable tool for report designers using Cognos. By following this template, designers can create well-structured and professional reports that meet the needs of stakeholders. The template’s structured approach ensures consistency and efficiency in the report design process, leading to high-quality reports that provide meaningful insights to users.

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