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√ 20 Church Staff Meeting Agenda ™ Dannybarrantes Template
√ 20 Church Staff Meeting Agenda ™ Dannybarrantes Template from

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A church staff meeting is an essential part of ensuring effective communication and coordination among the staff members. It serves as a platform for discussing important matters, sharing updates, and making decisions that impact the overall functioning of the church. To ensure that the meeting is productive and well-organized, having an agenda is crucial. In this article, we will provide you with a church staff meeting agenda template that you can use for your own meetings.

Purpose of the Meeting

The purpose of the church staff meeting is to bring the staff members together to discuss and address various matters related to the church’s operations, ministries, and upcoming events. It provides an opportunity for the staff to share updates, ask questions, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects. The meeting also serves as a time for spiritual growth and fellowship as it often includes a devotion or prayer.


The following is a sample agenda for a church staff meeting:

Opening Prayer and Devotion

Start the meeting with a prayer and a short devotion to set a spiritual tone for the gathering. This can be led by a different staff member each time.

Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

Take a few minutes to review the minutes from the previous staff meeting. Discuss any action items that were assigned and provide updates on their progress.

Staff Updates and Announcements

Allow each staff member to share updates on their respective ministries or areas of responsibility. This can include upcoming events, challenges faced, and successes achieved.

Discussion Topics

Identify and discuss any important topics or issues that require the attention and input of the entire staff. This can include upcoming projects, changes in policies or procedures, and any concerns or suggestions brought forward by the staff members.

Action Items and Assignments

Identify and assign action items based on the discussions and decisions made during the meeting. Clearly define responsibilities, deadlines, and any resources required to complete the tasks.

Closing Prayer

End the meeting with a closing prayer, thanking God for the time together and asking for His guidance and blessings on the staff and their work.


A well-structured and organized church staff meeting agenda is essential for maximizing productivity and ensuring that important matters are addressed. By following the template provided in this article, you can create an agenda that covers all the necessary components of a successful meeting. Remember to be flexible and open to input from the staff members, as their insights and suggestions can greatly contribute to the overall growth and effectiveness of the church.

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