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North Church Building Use Rough Draft
North Church Building Use Rough Draft from
1. Purpose 2. Eligibility 3. Reservation Process 4. Fees and Charges 5. Building Maintenance 6. Alcohol and Smoking 7. Noise Control 8. Liability 9. Cancellation 10. Amendments

1. Purpose

The purpose of this church building use policy template is to provide guidelines and regulations for the use of the church building by individuals or groups who wish to hold events or activities within the premises. It aims to ensure the proper and respectful use of the church facilities while maintaining the church’s values and mission.

2. Eligibility

The church building is available for use by both church members and non-members. However, priority will be given to church-related events and activities. Non-members may be required to provide additional information or meet specific criteria to be eligible for building use.

All users of the church building must adhere to the church’s beliefs, values, and code of conduct. Any activities or events that contradict or go against these principles will not be permitted.

3. Reservation Process

To reserve the church building, interested parties must submit a formal request to the church office. The request should include the desired date and time, purpose of the event, estimated number of attendees, and any additional requirements or equipment needed.

Requests will be reviewed by the church administration, and approval will be granted based on availability and compliance with the church’s guidelines. A written confirmation will be provided to the requester once the reservation is approved.

4. Fees and Charges

Depending on the nature of the event and the resources required, fees and charges may apply for the use of the church building. These charges will be communicated to the requester at the time of reservation.

Church members may receive discounted or waived fees, while non-members will be subject to standard rates. All fees collected will be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the church facilities.

5. Building Maintenance

All users of the church building are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order during their event or activity. Any damages or breakages must be reported immediately to the church administration.

Users may be required to provide a security deposit, which will be refunded upon satisfactory inspection of the premises after the event. Failure to comply with maintenance guidelines may result in additional charges or restrictions on future building use.

6. Alcohol and Smoking

The consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited within the church building and its premises. Any violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of the event and future denial of building use.

Furthermore, users are responsible for ensuring that their guests or attendees also comply with this policy. Alternative arrangements for smoking areas can be discussed with the church administration.

7. Noise Control

Users of the church building must exercise control over noise levels to prevent disturbance to neighboring residents or other ongoing church activities. Amplified music or sound systems should be used responsibly and within acceptable limits.

Events or activities that involve excessive noise or disturbance may be subject to immediate cancellation or restrictions on future building use. Users are encouraged to consult with the church administration for guidance on noise control measures.

8. Liability

The church will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or damages that occur during the use of the building, except in cases of proven negligence. All users must provide their own insurance coverage for their event or activity.

Users are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of their guests or participants. Any necessary permits or licenses required for the event must be obtained by the user before the scheduled date.

9. Cancellation

In the event of a cancellation, users must notify the church administration as soon as possible. Depending on the notice period and circumstances, cancellation fees may apply.

The church reserves the right to cancel or reschedule building use in cases of emergencies, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, reasonable efforts will be made to provide alternative arrangements or reschedule the event.

10. Amendments

This church building use policy template is subject to amendments or modifications at the discretion of the church administration. Users will be notified of any changes in advance, and the updated policy will be made available on the church’s website or through other communication channels.

It is the responsibility of all users to stay informed of the current policy and comply with any new guidelines or regulations.

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