Body Cream Vs Body Lotion What does your skin like better?

Body Cream Vs Body Lotion



Body Cream Vs Body LotionBody cream vs. lotion is an interesting debate regarding skincare. Both body lotion and cream are forms of emollients. These substances put more moisture back into our skin. There are various factors when you decide whether you should use body lotion or body cream. You have to consider your skin level’s dryness, the part of your body where you will apply moisturizer. As an example, your knees and elbows may tend towards being drier than your arms or legs. You also have to consider if your skin is so dry that it is scaling or flaking. Season change can be a factor as well. In winter, the temperature is colder, and the humidity in the air is low. So, your hands become drier as compared to summer.

There are more factors like these mentioned above, and you need to have a clear concept about these. Otherwise, you may harm your skin by using wrong or unsuitable products. However, people love to have an effective beauty routine using different products. They expect products that work effectively. Most of the skincare products are usually customized products, which address specific concerns. You can not use every product everywhere. If you are using the same moisturizer on your body and face, you should not do that. All products are not the same, such as there are differences between body cream and lotion.

Choosing the right skin care product is not so simple. So, we have brought essential discussions on body cream vs. lotion to clarify skincare products’ concepts. Moreover, we will discuss the essential factors of these products. Some factors include seasonal effects, suitable products for specific body parts, benefits, side effects. You can choose the right product by understanding these concepts.



What Is Body Cream?

Body creams are a combination of water and oil. Body creams have some similarities with lotions, but there are significant differences too. Creams have a thicker consistency. Body creams are more substantial and have higher viscosity. Also, creams have steaky mixtures of oil and water. As compared to lotions, oils are in a higher concentration than water in creams. The thicker consistency of creams ensures a more robust barrier for the skin to stay hydrated. Hydrated skin has a lower possibility to wrinkle, and the skin also gets a natural glow.

However, most body creams are non-greasy. There are few opposite cases too. Somebody creams have greasier substances as compared to others. In general, body creams are very efficient and enjoyable to absorb into the skin. Also, in winter, harsh winds blow, and it is not suitable for skins. Body creams work as the best moisturizer at this time. Manufacturers produce body creams with tub or jar containers. In the market, you will find most creams in jars or tubs instead of bottles. Whether you buy natural or synthetic body care products, the containers will be the same.

Technical Explanation of Cream

As a technical explanation, you can create cream when you blend oil and water using an emulsifying agent. Emulsifying agents can be emulsifying beeswax or wax. Oil is present in a higher concentration in cream as compared to lotion. There are 45% oil, 45% water, and 5 to 10% emulsifying agents in cream. That is why creams are thicker, more moisturizing, and more substantial. Creams contain water, and so require a preserving agent, just like lotions. So, it is better to store creams in a refrigerator. Manufacturers can also make creams with a higher percentage of oil and a lower percentage of water. For example, manufacturers can also use 60-80% of oil and butter, 15-20% of water, and 10-15% emulsifying agents.



What Is Body Lotion?

Like creams, body lotions are also mixtures of oil and water. But the difference is, they are non-greasy and light. These are not so sticky and have a lower viscosity. Lotions are the lightest moisturizers. Lotions get absorbed into the skin quickly and easily after getting applied on the skin. Also, they often create a cooling effect. That is why they are a perfect choice for warmer weather and seasons. The water-based ingredients used in lotions are aloe vera, carrier oils, some herbal extracts like hydrosol, etc. The carrier oils, as per the name, hold and provide the essential substances into the skin. Lotions may have essential fragrances, oil, and other natural ingredients, which give them a scent. Lotions come in a bottle. As lotions have higher water content, you can pour it out in a liquid form.

Lotions are the best options for those who have problems like weeping eczema. Lotions are also suitable for those who have dry skins, which are on the mild sides. People having regular to slightly dry skin can also get the best skincare from lotions. You can use lotions in the hot summer months as they are less greasy than creams. The parts of the body having more hair are the best for using lotions. For instance, on the chest, using lotion is useful.


Technical Explanation Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

You can make lotion by blending oil and water with an emulsifying agent like wax or beeswax. You mix it in the way of friction like a blender. However, water is present in lotions in a higher concentration. There are usually 20% oil, 70% water, and 1-% emulsifying agent in lotions. Lotions typically have a shorter shelf life as these have a higher concentration of water. Also, the shelf life depends on whether the manufacturers use preservatives or not. But manufacturers have to ensure a stable shelf life of lotions to ensure customer satisfaction. So, they may use preservatives. There are also ways to keep lotions fresh for a longer time without preservatives. In that case, you have to store it at a cold temperature. Thus you can prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast. In such cases, lotions can last approximately 3 to 4 months.



Benefits of Using Creams

body cream vs lotionWhile discussing body cream vs. lotion, we have to compare their benefits. There are various benefits of using creams. When you work outside the home, your skin, especially facial skin, gets exposed to dust, ultraviolet light, and pollution. This exposure is very harmful to the skin as there are risks of becoming acne, dry, and dull. However, indoor activity is no less risky. In air-conditioned rooms, your skin can become dry. And sunlight can also come through the glass. So, there are risks both inside and outside. So, you have to treat and protect your skin most effectively and efficiently every day. For that, you have to use moisturizing creams throughout the day.

Most people want to look young. People usually have dark spots and wrinkles when they get old. Using skin creams can solve these issues. There are many advantages to using skin creams. Various efficient skin creams revive the beauty and glow of the skin. However, knowing the body cream product’s content and uses can help you remove your skin issues.

There are various forms of body creams. Eye serum and anti-wrinkle are suitable for facial skin. These creams help you to look young and fresh. You will get the best result by applying them, though they will not work like magic. Wrinkles may not go away permanently, but the dead layers will vanish. The skin is arguably the most sensitive body part. Body creams are the best solution to keep the skin in good condition. We will discuss some significant advantages of body creams below.



Moisturizing The Skin

The main benefit of a cream is to moisturize the skin and prevent it from being dry. Moisturized skin will make you feel comfortable. Your face will also look healthier due to moist skin. Also, you will be able to make your makeup stick ideally. It will also last longer.

Skin Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

Morning sunlight is good for the skin. Morning sunlight has useful elements for the skin. But during the day, ultraviolet rays affect the skin badly. Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays is very harmful to the skin. Facial skin can get severely harmed if you get exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. It can even cause skin cancer. It is a common fact that too much exposure to sunlight is harmful to the skin. The skin becomes dry, and the cells get damaged. These issues make the skin look rough and wrinkly.

So, there is no scope to take these issues lightly. It is not possible to stay free from wrinkles entirely. But you can remove most of the wrinkles and dark spots. Various creams protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Suns cream and other specialized cream work great to provide you protection from harmful rays. The creams are a great solution for encouraging the growth of better cells and stimulating the blood flow. Thus you get a younger facial appearance. You can use these creams for the whole body. Protection from sunlight and ultraviolet rays is an essential factor while discussing body cream vs. lotion.

Prevention of Early Aging

Every woman wants to stay young. Skincare is one of the essential requirements to look young. However, if your skin stays dull, dry, and not well-nourished every day, you will be very susceptible to premature aging. So, you cannot let skin remain like that if you want to avoid premature aging. However, moisturizing creams are the solution. Moisturizing creams prevent your skin from being dry and dull. Creams prevent the appearance of fine lines on the skin. So, you look young and fresh.

Brightening The Skin

Many women are concerned with having bright skins. Many body creams have formulas of brightening the skin. There are elements like vitamins and other nutrients in body creams. These elements can make the skin more glowing and radiant.

Prevention of Blackheads, Acne, and Scar

Blackhead and acne are common skin problems. There are various causes of blackheads and zits. Excess of oil and dirt in the skin’s pores is one of the reasons for blackheads and acne. To prevent these, you should use moisturizing creams after having a shower or face wash every time. Thus, dirt and oil won’t get accumulated in the pores of the skin. However, when you apply body creams on your skin, your skin stays protected from dirt, radicals, and UV rays. Body creams also provide proper nutrition to your skin so that your skin stays healthier. Body creams are an excellent solution to prevent blackheads and acne.

Creams also provide you scar treatment. Your skin may become rigid due to the different structures of the scar tissues. When you apply creams, blood flow increases in the scar tissues. Thus, the appearance of scars gets minimized. Thus you can keep your skin free from scars by using suitable creams.

Smoothing Skin

Keeping the skin smooth is also essential to keep the skin fresh and healthy. When you use a suitable moisturizing cream regularly, then your skin structure gets improved. Also, your skin becomes supple and smooth. Smooth skin makes your face look so beautiful.

Anti Inflammation

Skin creams have more desirable benefits. Skin creams can reduce inflammation. Skin creams achieve this by increasing blood circulation and cell metabolism. Besides, skin creams ensure a uniform skin tone.

Minimizing The Risk of Makeup

Women use makeup more or less. You may use makeup regularly or irregularly and use thick or light makeup, using makeup has some side effects. When you use makeup for a long time, your facial skin becomes vulnerable to various risks. You can suffer from skin irritation, allergy, etc. Thus, your skin condition can become very bad. For this reason, you can build up the habit of using creams before using makeup. Creams provide your skin nutrition and protection from the harmful elements of makeup.



Restylane Silk vs Juvederm for lipsBenefits of Using Lotions

Lotions also have many benefits while we discuss body cream vs. lotion. Using body lotion is one of the simple ways of having effective skincare. Bath body lotion provides moisture into your skin and prevents dryness. Using body care lotion helps you soften rough heels, elbows, and other dry areas of your skin. Quality body lotions will improve your scaly and dehydrated skin that looks unattractive and feels rough. While for skincare of hands and feet, hand body lotion is beneficial. Also, you can use hand body lotion all over the body. There is no doubt that when you use body lotion regularly, you will get many benefits.

Body care lotions provide a variety of services and benefits in the everyday life of the users. People from different walks of life, climates, and regions sometimes require skin moisturizing and hydration. As women become older, their skin starts to become drier. In such cases, body lotion can be a staple that keeps their skin attractive and healthy. Some people apply lotion to their body for a massage as a gesture of affection. However, lotions are also for medical purposes. Some lotions treat specific skin issues and problems. There are lotions like metro gel for acne medication, metro gel for rosacea, etc. You can use lotion to heal skin sores and kill head lice. So, from anti-aging treatments to skincare, and health management, body lotions have various applications.

You can purchase body skin lotion from most department or grocery stores. Generic brands may cost less, but brand-name products have higher costs. Body lotions come with various scents and various colors. Some lotions may also come without any scent. The skin is a breathing, living organ, and body lotion keeps it filled with life.

Rehydrating Dried Skin

People working in harsh weather usually use body lotions regularly. Perhaps they use body lotions daily. You will find a way to treat your skin with regular cosmetics if your skin gets dried or chapped. Your skin can get dried or chapped from heat, cold, or wind. Many people have sensitive and vulnerable skin. Regardless of the type of climate they live in, their skin can become irritated and dry quickly. Sometimes their skin can get affected by indoor heat. However, if you use quality body lotion after each bath or shower, you will get benefitted. Your skin will get moisturized and stay supple and hydrated. It is a good and useful idea to use your favorite scented body lotion after bath every day.

Replenishing Extra Rough or Dry Spots on The Skin

Even if you have standard skin type, such as oily or regular, there can be rough areas in your body. You may have rough areas around the knees or elbows. In such cases, you can get benefited by using skin lotion after bedtime or bath. If you wish body lotions regularly, it will ease rough skin. Also, your skin will become silky and smooth as the rest of your body. So, body lotions are an excellent option for replenishing the dry or rough spots on your skin.

Smooth Calluses

If you are on your feet or something similar for a long time, you can have rough calluses. These are unsightly and painful. Moist body lotion can provide you the solution in such cases. It is because most body lotions make the areas with rough calluses supple. It removes the dead skin easily. It is not that easy when you attempt to do it without lotions. If your calluses look swollen, discolored, or have red streaks, body lotions can provide you solutions. Also, in such cases, you should consult a doctor before trying to remove these yourself.

Feel and Smell good

Lotions usually have attractive smells. When people apply lotions on their tired torso or limbs, the smell makes them feel good. The relaxing sensation of body lotion that you apply to your arms, legs, or feet refreshes your mind. Department stores, specialty stores, and gift shops sell body lotions with various scents. There are various types of body lotions according to your moisturizing needs. So, you can take the benefit of various types of scents and textures of body lotions. You can choose the most suitable body lotion according to your personality and needs.


You can use lotions even if your skin is in excellent condition and does not need a moisturizer. You can have a body massage with lotions with charming scents. You can also have the feel of sensory warmth to the limbs of your body by applying lotion.

Steady massage movements by body lotion provide you the feel of extreme softness on your skin. It removes your stress, enhances endorphins, and subdue pain to make you feel so comfortable. Someone who feels worn down and tired out will find these as a beautiful gift to feel relaxed.

Softening The Roughest Parts of The Body with Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

When you shave your legs, your legs may dry out. Also, you may have toughened heels or rough hands. No matter your lifestyle and age, body lotions are great options to appreciate life’s simple comforts. Proper use of body lotions helps you to relax. You may keep a bottle of lotion to apply to your hands after washing dishes in your kitchen. You can also use lotions after a wash up in the bathroom. You can put some lotion in the spare bathroom for the uses of guests. You can enjoy your favorite scented lotion during bedtime, keeping a bottle of scent in your bedroom. When you think about the ways of using body lotions, there are dozens of ways. These softening and sweetly scented lotions make your skin supple, moist, and sweet-smelling.

Glowing Skin

Some types of special body lotions add shimmer and glimmer to the skin tone. These lotions have brightening qualities embedded in them. When you apply these into your skin, it shows up like small sparkling dots on your skin. Some cosmetic lotions make your skin bright and remove dead and dull flakes, and refresh underlying tissues.

Side Effects and Possible Dangers of Body Creams

We have to evaluate the side effects and possible dangers while discussing body cream vs. lotion. Body creams have many benefits. But in some cases, low-quality body creams can cause significant harm to our skin. Low-quality body creams have harmful substances that damage our skin. So, we have to be very careful while buying creams. So, you have to be careful while buying body creams. There are cases of skin damage due to using low-quality or wrong-suited creams. We will discuss the issues related to body creams below.

Skin Problem Due to Emulsifiers

As we know, the main elements of body creams are oil, water, and emulsifying agents. Soap based substances are responsible for aging and drying skins. In creams, emulsifiers bind together oils and water ingredients. So, while using, there is no need to shake them to combine the ingredients. But this convenience has an issue. When creams enter into the skin, oil and water get separated, and so as the emulsifier. The emulsifier is a soapy residue; it can damage the skin.

The top layer of the skin gets impacted by the alkalinity or acidity, known as pH. For healthy skin, the average pH range is from 4.5 to 5.3. This range is slightly acidic. However, many emulsifiers leave your skin with a pH of 6 to7. This range is slightly alkaline. So, the skin has to work more to return to a reasonable condition. In this process, it produces excess oil resulting in redness, acne, rosacea, etc.

When the pH of the skin is healthy, it stimulates health fat or lipid production. These substances heal and protect the skin all the time. So, when the pH of the skin is abnormal, skin protection gets impeded.

Emulsifiers bind oils and water to form creams. It is so good at binding capability that it also binds the natural oils of the skin. So, while washing your skin, you also wash away the healing lipids. We know, healing lipids protect your skin. So, Your skin becomes drier, and signs of aging such as free lines, wrinkles occur.

Skin Damage Due to The Presence of Steroid in Body Creams

While using creams, you may suffer from acne breakouts, redness, itching, burning. These can be a result of using creams that contain steroids. Due to including harmful substances like steroids, simple skin alignment can become untreatable. So, users have to be careful when buying body creams. They have to check if the cream contains steroids.


Side Effects and Possible Dangers of Body Lotions

We will also evaluate the negative points of body lotions in our body cream vs. lotion discussion. When we use body lotions, our skin absorbs around 60% of the elements. It is a wrong idea to apply body lotions to our skins without checking the ingredient list.

In body lotions and other personal care products, there can be chemicals harmful to our skin. Also, while applying lotions to the skin, the chemicals present in the lotions enter our body through the skin. So, you have to make sure you are not harming your skin by using low-quality lotions having harmful chemicals. We will discuss the possible dangers of low-quality or harmful lotions and also harmful elements used in these lotions.

Skin Damage Due To The Presence of Paraben in Body Lotions

Parabens are present in almost all commercially popular body lotions. On product labels, you will find parabens named as butylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, etc. These substances work as preservatives. They prevent fungus and bacteria from growing in lotions. But along with this, these substances also cause hormone disruption. According to studies, parabens cause skin irritation and eczema. So, people have to stay careful while buying body lotions. They have to check the presence of parabens on the labels.

However, many organic lotions have safer ways of staying free from fungus and bacteria. Using citric acid and vitamin E in lotions prevent bacteria and fungus. These substances do not cause harmful effects like parabens. But lotions with these substances usually have a shorter shelf life.

Skin Damage Due To Artificial Fragrance

You may feel good if your lotion smells well. There are lotions with various sweet flavors. But these scents or fragrances are not natural. Usually, there are toxic mixtures of chemicals in artificial fragrances. Manufacturers hide this information from the label. One of the toxic chemicals for fragrances is diethyl phthalate. Phthalates are common elements in body lotions and other cosmetics products. Those who have hypersensitive skin will suffer from various skin problems due to using lotions with artificial fragrances. So, you have to stay aware while using scented body lotions.

Skin Damage Due To Mineral Oil in Body Lotions

We already know, oil is an essential element in body lotions. Many manufacturers use mineral oil or petroleum jelly in body lotions. Mineral oils are very cheap and have a longer shelf life. Manu manufacturers prefer this substance due to its lower cost and longevity. However, mineral oils do not come through a proper purification process. As a result, they contain various harmful elements. So, using body lotions having mineral oils can severely affect your skin. According to studies, mineral oils can create a negative effect on the immune system of people. So, you have to ensure the absence of mineral oils while buying body lotions.

Other Side Effects and Dangers Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

Due to the presence of formaldehyde in body lotions, irritation in skin and eyes can occur. Somebody lotions contain formaldehyde, so users need to check it while purchasing. Another harmful element is PEG (polyethylene glycol). PEGs work as emollients; these substances lubricate and soften the body. However, according to various studies, PEGs have toxicity, though the toxicity level is low. So, using body lotions having PEG can cause skin complexities.

Retinyl palmitate is a controversial form of vitamin A, which is present in a few body lotions. These substances are present in some sunscreens and anti-aging lotions. According to studies, these substances are responsible for causing tumors. So, it is better to avoid lotions having this substance.



Final Assessment While Choosing Between Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

It is difficult to choose only one while discussing body cream vs. lotion. You may be in confusion with whether you would choose cream or lotion for your skincare. The fact is every person has skin with unique characteristics. If you have sensitive skin, you have to be more careful about having moisturizing your skincare routine. But if you have healthy skin and have great leniency, then you can select moisturizer.

While thinking about body cream vs. lotion, you also have to think about your skincare goals. You may prefer a facial moisturizer that has anti-aging properties. Or, you may want a body oil product that softens your skin. So, you should have a specific goal like these. You have to think about what is your expected goal before buying a skincare product. You will surely want to buy the best skincare product for your skin type. According to our discussed benefits and side effects for the body cream vs. lotion discussion, we can make some decisions.

For Acne Prone Skin

If your skin is acne-prone, you should use lotion instead of cream. As the oil content is low in lotions, lotions become light and get absorbed easily. The case is different for body creams. Creams may make your natural oils get trapped, resulting in clogged pores. However, some lotions may contain alcohol. You have to ensure that the lotion you buy does not contain alcohol. Lotions with alcohol can make your skin dry and affected by some other breakouts.

There are various alcohol-based ingredients, which can be present in lotions. These ingredients include ethanol, methanol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, etc. Manufacturers use these ingredients because these ingredients make lotions lighter. Also, these ingredients allow moisture to ensure a natural absorption ability of lotions. These alcohol-based additives are not suitable for your skin. These ingredients break down the natural barriers of your skin. So, you should not regularly apply such lotions to your face. It will be harmful to your long term health.

For Oily Skin

The debate of the body cream vs. lotion mostly goes to lotion in terms of oily skins. It is tempting for those who have oily skins to stay away from moisturizing altogether. You may feel the urge to use alcohol and astringent to make your face dry. Nonetheless, the attempt to make the skin dry can eventually make the skin even oiler. But why does that happen? It triggers the skin to create extra oil. So, it creates a lengthy grease battle. So, it is better to use non-greasy lotions. Non-greasy lotions can hydrate the skin quickly, like in a few days. Then your oil level should start to decline. As the skin gets habituated with the extra hydration, it will reduce its oil production.

For Excessively Dry Skin

If you have excessively dry and cracking skin, then you should avoid lotions and start using creams. Creams prevent the moisture from getting evaporated as they create a protective barrier. So, you can soothe and coat your dried skin with nourishing creams having healing powers.

Normal or Combination Skin Care

You should use lotion to hydrate your skin if you have healthy or combination skin. It is important to shower daily, as you get dirt when you go out. So, you have to maintain a daily moisturizing skincare routine.

Seasonal Uses of Body Cream Vs. Lotion

Lotions are lightweight and have minimal weight. So, it is a great option to use in the summertime. It is because people usually want to avoid the greasy feeling in summer. In summer, your skin usually gets hydrated with the humidity of air and sweat. Your skin can get dried and burned by the harmful sunlight and UV rays. So it is better and safe to moisturize continuously in the summer months. For additional sun protection, you can use lotions with SPF.

However, creams are oily and thick. So, creams are the best option for dry winter months. Creams build up an additional barrier in the skin. Thus, they trap the natural moisture and oil of your skin and elevate hydration.

According to dermatologists’ recommendations, you can use creams for hand, body, and foot moisturizing. The thickness of creams helps moisture to enter through the thick layers of skin. However, if winter elements excessively dry out your face, then non-comedogenic creams can be a solution. These creams are lightweight, so they keep the pores unclogged.

Which is Better Body Cream Vs Body Lotion?

At the end of all discussions, we can say that each product has unique characteristics. You can use any one of the products depending on the weather and your skin condition. Also, it is common that many people use creams in the winter season and use lotions in the summer. So, it is not possible to call a specific product better. Both creams and lotions have their positive and negative effects on their sides.




While discussing body cream vs. lotion, we can see that there is no winner. Both moisturizers have their positive and negative sides. However, it is not always easy for everyone to find the most suitable moisturizing product. There are many brands available, and these have various formulas suited for different types of skins. So, users need to know the essential factors of moisturizing products. If they have the minimum basic ideas, they will be able to select the most suitable products. Otherwise, selecting the wrong product can result in skin damage. We hope our discussions have helped you to understand the primary ways of evaluating moisturizing products.

However, while choosing a moisturizing product, it is essential to consider your skin type and goal. You have to select the moisturizing product based on how you want your skin to be. You also have to consider what benefits the product provides and what your skin type is. You have to stay aware of the low-quality products having harmful elements while purchasing, as we discussed. It is equally significant to have a proper and regular skincare routine. Considering all these factors with carefulness can help you to have proper skin care.


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