Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil, Which is best?

Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil

Beard Balm Vs Beard OilFor people with beards, maintaining and keeping that beard healthy are important factors of having it. So how do you maintain a beard and keep it healthy? A straightforward way to do this is by using a beard balm or a beard oil on your beard. You might be asking yourself, beard balm vs beard oil, which is for me, and what are they? Let me explain the differences between the two, so you can decide what is best for your beard. Please keep reading for Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil.


What is Beard Balm?

The first thing to look at for maintaining a beard and keeping it healthy is beard balm. Beard balm is a creamy textured moisturizer that you rub into your beard. Many people ask what it does for them. The answer is simple; using beard balm helps to keep your beard moisturized and healthy-looking. The beard balm can also be used to help soften your beard. The best way to see how a beard balm does this is to look at the ingredients that are included in most beard balms.


Ingredients found in Beard Balms

While there are many different brands of beard balms with various ingredients, you will typically find four main ingredients. The four common ingredients that you can expect to find are beeswax, butter, a carrier oil, and essential oil. Each of these ingredients adds something special and unique that makes up the balm. There are also varieties of each ingredient that you will find when looking at different brands of balms. Let us look at the first ingredient of beeswax and see what it does for your beard.



Beeswax might sound strange as an ingredient for something that you are putting on your face. However, the properties of the beeswax bring great benefits to a beard. Firstly, the wax allows you to form your beard and shape it to how you want it to look. If you want to clean up and look your best, this is the perfect ingredient for you. The second thing that the wax does is it helps to hold in the moisture provided by the other ingredients.



The next ingredient that also seems strange to put on is butter. This is not butter that you would put on some toast for breakfast. This butter is usually made of Shea or cocoa. The butter serves several purposes for your beard. The first is that it provides moisture to the beard. Not just a little moisture like from water, but enough moisture to last all day. The second thing that the butter does is it gives the balm the creamy texture. This is what makes the balm spread and apply to the beard easily.



Carrier Oil

Next on the list is a carrier oil. Carrier oils are plant-based oils that go along with the butter to provide benefits to your beard. The fact that the carrier oils are made from plants means that they do not contain unhealthy materials. The most common plants used are argon oil, almond oil, or jojoba. The purpose of the carrier oil is to help the butter hydrate the beard. The carrier oil will also help your beard be soft to the touch and not rough.


Essential Oil

The last ingredient that is commonly used in beard balms is essential oils. The essential oil provides a pleasant scent for your beard. There are many different scents that the oils can provide, and usually, you can find what scent they will be on the beard balm container. There is another benefit to the essential oil being used. The second benefit is that some of the essential oils that are used will apply to the skin below the beard. This will help to make the skin softer and healthier.


Benefits of Beard Balm

Beard Balm Vs Beard OilNow that we have covered the ingredients let us look at the benefits of using the beard balm. As mentioned in the ingredients, each one adds something to your beard that helps it. The main thing that balms do that is important is to hydrate your beard. This hydration is important because it helps to prevent beardruff. This term may be unfamiliar to you, so let me explain what beardruff is and how to help prevent it.



What is Beardruff?

Beardruff is a term used to describe what happens when your face becomes itchy due to a dry beard. The skin naturally produces oil for hair growth called sebum oil. However, if the hair growing outpaces the oil being produced, you will end up with dry hair. Once you get dry hair, the hair will irritate your face causing the itchy feeling. This is where the beard balm comes into play. As mentioned earlier, two of the main ingredients in the beard balm are used to hydrate and moisturize. When applied to the beard, these ingredients act as protectors against beardruff.


Softer Beards

One of the other main benefits of using a beard balm is that it helps to soften your beard. You might be asking why you would want to have a soft beard. The answer to that question is simple. First is that it helps with your overall appearance. When you have a soft beard, your beard will look better. Using a beard balm can help if you are trying to dress your best for a special occasion. The other thing that a softer beard does for you is helping to prevent split ends. This is important because it means that your beard is healthier. Your beard is also easier to maintain when you have no split ends.


How do you use Beard Balm?

You might be wondering at this point; how do I use this wonderful product once I have it? That is a great question, so let me explain. To apply beard balm, you will want to start by taking about a thumbnail-sized portion out of the container. Next, you will rub the balm in your hands until it melts down into a creamy substance. The final step is to gently massage the balm into your beard. You will want to do this starting at the roots and making your way to the end of your beard. You want to apply the balm this way so that it covers every bit of your hair. Doing it this way will also help to give the skin underneath a greater application of the balm.


What is Beard Oil?

Now that we have covered beard balm let us look at beard oil. Beard oil is a moisturizing conditioner that can be used to soften a beard and help promote growth. Since beard oil is a liquid, it is easy to apply to your beard. The other thing that is good about using it is that it will help to keep your face moisturized. Keeping your beard moisturized can also help prevent dandruff and itchiness. There are several different ingredients in beard oils that give them beneficial properties.


Beard Oil Ingredients

There are many different brands of beard oils, and each may offer something different. What makes each one different and unique is the ingredients that are used when making it. However, there are two main ingredient types that you can expect to find. The first being a carrier oil of some kind. The second is an essential oil. Each of these oils offers something beneficial. Each beard oil will contain different oils depending on what the oil is made to accomplish.


Carrier Oil

The first common ingredient that you can expect to find in beard oil is a carrier oil. Many different carrier oils may appear. Some beard oils will use argon oil or jojoba like the carrier oils used in a beard balm. Others, however, might use sunflower oil or coconut oil. The primary purpose of the carrier oil is to help hydrate the beard. The carrier oil will also help to soften the beard, so it is not rough.


Essential Oil

The second ingredient you will find is an essential oil. The essential oils used serve several purposes. The first being that it will help the skin under your beard be healthy. These oils have many health benefits as well that may not seem apparent at first. Many essential oils contain properties that can help deter bacteria and fungi from growing in your beard. Essential oils can also contain anti-inflammatory oils. Some essential oils can also help to promote beard growth, such as bay leaf.


Side Effects of Beard Oil

Beard Balm Vs Beard OilWhen using beard oil, it is possible that there may be some side effects. These side effects are brought on by using oils that contain non-natural ingredients which may irritate the skin. Non-natural ingredients can cause damage to the hairs in your beard as well. The other possible side effect of using beard oil is being allergic to one of the oils. If you are allergic to one of the oils, you may experience hives, burning, or itching. Your skin may also appear to be irritated upon using beard oil. This can occur if the beard oil that you are using was not made properly.


Avoid side effects with Beard Oil

If you want to use beard oil and have no possible issues, there is also a solution. Some beard oils are made using just the carrier oils. These beard oils contain argan oil or jojoba oil or other mineral oils without the essential oils. What this does is provide the moisturizing benefits of the oil without the scents of the essential oils. You can also buy these oils separately if you find one that works well for you.


Beard Oil Creation

Since the ingredients that are used in beard oils are so simple, you can also make your own. To start this process, you will need to get a small glass bottle that has a dropper. The glass bottle will be used to store the beard oil, and the dropper Is used to apply it. Second, you will need to find a carrier oil that you like to use. As mentioned before, most beard oils use argan oil or jojoba oils, but you can use any that you like. The next thing to figure out is if you want to use essential oil or not.

Since each essential oil is different, you can experiment and find one you like the scent of. The ratio of oils to mix will vary depending on how large the bottle you are storing it in is. You will normally see five drops of an essential oil with two tablespoons of carrier oil. However, as mentioned, it will vary depending on how much you are trying to make. Once mixed in the bottle, you have now created your very own beard oil.


How do you use Beard Oil?

Beard Balm Vs Beard OilAs with the beard balm, it is important to know how to apply beard oil. Beard oil is easier to apply than beard balm since it is an oil. Application is an amazingly simple process. All you must do is put a few drops of the beard oil into the palms of your hands and then massage it into your beard. However, even with how simple the process is, there is something to watch out for. You want to make sure that you do not apply to much oil to your beard. If you have to much oil applied, it can make your beard appear greasy rather than slick and clean.


Conclusion of Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil that is a question that many people ask when looking at beard products. Both use similar ingredients, and both are helpful to your beard and skin. So, which is right for you? As mentioned above, both products are useful in hydrating and keeping your beard and skin moisturized. If you have a newer beard that is not thick, you might want to use beard oil since it will easily apply. If your beard is thick, the creaminess of the balm might be a better choice. In some cases, you might want to use both to get the best hydration and moisturization possible. The end decision of what is better to use will ultimately be decided by what your needs are.




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