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Non Profit Board Meeting Agenda Template BestTemplatess123
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Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in society by addressing various social issues and providing valuable services to the community. To effectively carry out their mission, nonprofit organizations rely on board meetings to make important decisions, set goals, and ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. A well-structured agenda is essential for a productive board meeting. In this article, we will provide you with a template for creating an effective agenda for nonprofit board meetings in 2023.

Table of Contents

Meeting Information

The meeting information section should include the date, time, and location of the board meeting. It is important to clearly communicate these details to all board members in advance to ensure their attendance. Additionally, provide a brief overview of the purpose of the meeting.

Call to Order

The call to order marks the official start of the board meeting. The board chair or president should open the meeting by welcoming all attendees and briefly outlining the agenda. This sets the tone for the meeting and ensures everyone is aware of what will be discussed.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Reviewing and approving the minutes of the previous board meeting is a crucial step to ensure accurate record-keeping. Provide board members with a copy of the minutes in advance and give them an opportunity to review any changes or corrections. During the meeting, the minutes should be formally approved by a motion and vote.


This section provides an opportunity for board members to share updates and reports on their respective areas of responsibility. Reports may include financial updates, program updates, fundraising updates, and other relevant information. Board members should come prepared with their reports to ensure a smooth flow of information.

Old Business

Old business refers to items that were discussed in previous board meetings but require further action or follow-up. This section allows board members to discuss and address any unresolved issues or decisions from previous meetings. It is important to have a clear plan of action for each item of old business to ensure progress is made.

New Business

New business refers to items that are being discussed for the first time in the current board meeting. This section allows board members to introduce new ideas, proposals, or projects. Each item of new business should be discussed thoroughly, and decisions should be made based on the best interests of the organization.


The announcements section provides an opportunity for board members to share any relevant updates or upcoming events. This may include announcements about community partnerships, fundraising events, or other initiatives. Board members should be encouraged to share any pertinent information that may impact the organization.

Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

Before concluding the meeting, it is important to confirm the date and time of the next board meeting. This allows board members to plan their schedules in advance. Once the next meeting date is confirmed, the chair or president can officially adjourn the meeting.


An effective agenda template is crucial for nonprofit board meetings to ensure that important issues are discussed, decisions are made, and progress is achieved. By following the template provided in this article, nonprofit organizations can conduct productive and efficient board meetings in 2023 and beyond.


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